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Contemporary acoustic music at its best
“Come Back Baby” (Ray Charles)
It was a real privilege to have our friend Kevin Dempsey join me on the guitar track with some
superb blues playing. The last time Kevin and I sat and played guitar together was in the late 60's.
“Lakes Of Pontchartrain” (Traditional)
The beautiful melodeon playing of our pal Pete Grassby has given us the exact sound that we wanted.
“Come Rain Or Come Shine " (David Francey)
This song was a favourite wherever we performed. Being joined by our friend Maria Barham
who added lovely harmonies has added to the warmth and emotion of the song considerably.
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Here a few taster clips - chosen to be a good cross section of our repertoire.
I hope you enjoy them.
1. Leader Of The Band (Dan Fogelberg)
2. Never Going Back Again (Lindsey Buckingham)
3. Garden Valley (Dougie MacLean)
4. Come Rain Or Come Shine (David Francey)
5. Come Back Baby (Walter Davis)
6. Landslide (Stevie Nicks)
7. Reunion Hill (Richard Shindell)
8. Anji (Davey Graham)
9. Lakes Of Pontchartrain (Traditional)
10. I Courted A Sailor (Kate Rusby)
11. Too Up Too Down (Jez Lowe)
12. Fairytale Lullaby (John Martyn)
13. Losers (Dave Van Ronk)
14. Our Town (Iris Dement)
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The CD “Living Legacy” is now available.
All proceeds from sales of the CD will go to Myton Hospice and Macmillan.
To order a copy of the CD please send a cheque, for £10 (including P&P) payable to Brian Phillips
to Brian Phillips, 21 Willow Close, Bedworth, Warwickshire CV12 8BE.